Sohail Fazluddin is a seasoned creative professional and artist with a rich background in publishing and photography. In 1996, he founded Maltshop Press, a successful publishing company that showcased the work of talented writers from across the globe. This experience ignited his passion for visual storytelling and led him to pursue a career in professional photography, specializing in event/wedding and fashion photography.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Sohail is a master at capturing the essence of his subjects and creating compelling imagery that tells a story. Whether it's a product shot or a portrait/headshot, his main focus is to provide his clients with high-quality, impactful visuals that stand out from the rest.

Sohail's unique background as both a publisher and photographer gives him a distinct advantage in the creative industry. His eye for detail and storytelling ability are evident in his work, and he takes pride in collaborating with his clients to bring their vision to life. If you're looking for a creative professional who can provide stunning imagery for your project or business, Sohail Fazluddin and Maltshop Media are the right choice.

Check out some of his work here: Maltshop Media Portfolio